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Repressively Pastel 1950s Time Capsule Wants $699K

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As previously established by the 1957 archives of House Beautiful, chic houses of the 1950s were all about unbending matchy-matchiness and Easter basket Kodachrome. So it's not surprising, then, that this time capsule on the market for $699K in Ontario, Canada, which the 96-year-old owner has called home for 72 years, is brimming with uncompromising pinks, lilacs, and mints. It seems pretty clear that the spread hasn't been touched since the mid-'50s, when lilac showers went with peach bath towels, wood-paneled bars went in the basement, and emerald velour went with purple carpeting. According to HGTV, which heaps praise on this "gem like you've never seen," the guest bedroom (above) was the owner's answer to her husband telling her: "You can decorate however you want, just please no pink in the master bedroom." Predictably then, this room was her favorite room in the house.

Check out all the photos, over at HGTV.

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