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Cross a Moat to Enter This Bonkers, Castle-Themed Winery

For better or worse, there are plenty of homes out there done-up in halfhearted medieval style, with faux-stone walls, drapey window treatments, and maybe even a fake coat of arms thrown in for good measure. This $5.9M winery in Paso Robles, Calif. absolutely is not one of those homes. Instead, the 25-acre spread enthusiastically commits to its castle theme—even surrounding the 7,900-square-foot tasting building with an extremely daunting moat. Besides this main hospitality building, which houses the winery's dining room and kitchen, the "magical" property also comes with its own lab and fermentation room, barrel storage, mechanical rooms, and, duh, 11-acre vineyard. There are two small residences on the outskirts of the property that sorely lack the same majestic decor as the rest of the place, but could probably get there with a good candelabra or two. Take a look, below:

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