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Last Chance for Gilt Home Apartment Week Deals

Today, Gilt Home will be bringing its NYC-inspired Apartment Week to a close. Gilt has debuted a new sale every day this week, each one inspired by a different NYC dwelling. From downtown chic to uptown classic, a range of styles have been on offer, allowing readers to easily pick one that speaks to them.

To finish the week off strong, Gilt heads downtown for a Wall Street high-rise-inspired sale, starring sleek, modern goods, like steely-hued bedding, geometric-print pillows, and modern overhead lighting. To recap the week's sales: on Monday, Gilt brought you a collection of industrial-chic furniture and art that speaks to the spirit of Soho. Tuesday they channeled the modern-day brownstone with furnishings, bedding, lighting, and art, inspired by Brooklyn. Wednesday, things turned boho with bold chairs, peace-sign pillows and quintessentially East Village piggybanks. Yesterday brought with it classic Park Avenue pieces: statement-making accent tables, tufted beds, and luxe metallic accents.

Don't miss your last opportunity to join Gilt to shop its Apartment Week.>>