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This Wacky Home Has Leafy Walls and Upside Down Chairs

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Home to Australian designer and floral artist Joost Bakker and his family, this former cherry farm property in Melbourne offers what might be the most whimsical family home of all time, despite some serious competition. On the outside, the walls are made up of wild, vertical strawberry gardens—which basically means the entire 6,458-square-foot pad looks like a magical, leafy (and edible!) box. "I always wanted a home where the garden feels like part of the house," explains Bakker. The home also happens to be made from recyclable materials, with the goal that every beam, window, and piece of plywood could potentially be reused.

Equally funky are the interiors, which are clad in unfinished plywood, trendy exposed cinder blocks, and lovely, floor-to-ceiling glass windows. To keep the place from feeling too industrial, there's plenty of cozy, rather casual decor, including some notable furniture on the ceiling. Take a peek below, then head over to The Design Files for the full gallery.

· Melbourne Home · Joost and Jennie Bakker and Family [The Design Files]