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Huguette Clark's Empty Connecticut Estate Sells for $14.3M

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NBC just confirmed that the Connecticut estate once belonging to (though never occupied by) reclusive copper heiress Huguette Clark has sold for $14.3M. Clark, who died in 2011, two weeks shy of her 105th birthday, put the nine-bedroom, eleven-fireplace mansion known as Le Beau Chateau on the market in 2006, "to raise cash for the millions in gifts she was giving to her nurse, friends and strangers," according to NBC. Though the 14,266-square-foot house listed initially for $34M, the estate's price was slashed mercilessly over the years, ultimately selling for just 42 percent of the 2006 figure.

Though the (dollhouse-obsessed!) old-money millionaire bought the 1937 chateau-style spread in 1952 (to "get away from the horrors" of nuclear war, according to a great-half-nephew), she didn't spend a single night there. She never even had furniture moved in. Of course, considering the buyers are fashion designer and former Coach exec Reed Krakoff and his wife, interior designer Delphine Krakoff—a pair with plenty of cash to spend considering they recently unloaded their NYC mansion for $51M—the 52-acre property will undoubtedly get decorated within an inch of its life, not to mention inevitably buffed and photographed by a shelter publication. Of course, that's assuming the Krakoffs decide not to go through with wayward plans to subdivide the property, a scheme that was discussed and approved five years ago, long before Le Beau Chateau found a buyer.

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