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It's a Tree, It's a Wood Pile, No Wait, It's An Italian Super Hut!

A few years ago Italian architect Flavio Galvagni designed a backcountry hut that blends in so well to the alpine environment that it's hard to tell if it's a building or a wood pile. The stacked tree trunk motif has become especially popular (check out these Sun Valley digs), and this hut, called the Yeta (in)visible hut, can be transported and used in all sorts of environments. Inside the structure is a mini-kitchen and mini-bathroom (with shower), but the designs can be adjusted according to use. This hut might be small at 170 square feet, but it's mighty. The Yeta can withstand high-altitude environments and according to the architecture firm Lab Zero, it can function as a tiny research-lab, mini-lodge, survival shelter, or even mediation space (yoga, anyone?). Allegedly Yeta's prototype is currently being developed commercially so Curbed Ski wants to know, has anyone seen this Italian hut in person? If so, shoot us an email or let us know in the comments, Grazie!

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