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Climb Up a Three-Story Treehouse Built From Reclaimed Wood

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When creative couple Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez first purchased Camp Wandawega in 2004, the duo made a plan to restore the Elkhorn, Wisc. property to the bustling lakeside getaway of Hernandez's youth. This process involved not only sprucing up the existing lodges and cabins, but also adding one very important and extremely cool three-story treehouse to the property. Built in honor of Surratt's father, who passed away shortly after renovations began, Tom's Treehouse was built around a tree where her dad had once strung up a rope swing.

Instead of relying on some rickety ladder like other treehouses, a staircase descends to nearly ground level to allow access, and winds up to a wrap around porch. Inside, the small space houses two lofted bedrooms and a living room—all built from reclaimed wood and outfitted in vintage furniture and tree stumps fashioned into tables and seating. Coolest of all? The entire structure was built for free by friends of Surrat and Hernandez. Read the full story, this way.

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