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Concrete Pipes Make a Rad Addition to This Art Deco Pub

Though a stack of pre-cast concrete tubes sounds like something you'd find in a dystopian-chic Brutalist icon, the tubular addition that Melbourne-based Techne Architects gave to this Art Deco pub is surprisingly warm and inviting. That's because the pipes embedded in the Prahran Hotel's new extension do more than just give it a porthole-like facade. With timber planks on the inside, each tube on the lower half is a cozy private booth outfitted with a pair of leather banquettes, while the ones on top are filled with grassy window planters.

Before the new addition was put into place, the hotel demolished the previous one-story extension it had received in the 1970s. Now, the concrete cylinders contrast nicely with the full-height glass-and-steel-atrium on the inside, and get repeated in a set of half-pipe planters raised above the bar. And not to knock eye-catching facades that serve no obvious purpose, but it's refreshing to see one so functional.

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