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Buy This 1840 Fairytale House in the Netherlands for $2.5M

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Sited on a clearing in the Dutch forest of Maarn, this 1840 fairytale house (once a hunting lodge!) with a 2006 interiors refresher by Dutch architect Evelyne Merkx, asks $2.5M. Sure, the main house, with its wood stove, curving staircase, point-arched windows, and stained glass, is something to brag about, but the clincher is the thatched roof guest hut on the grounds, which would up your Disney princess cred by approximately 100 singing mice. Though the property—recently spotlighted by Arch Digest—is not too twee, either. In all it's 2,153 square feet of fabulous wallpaper and mojave ottomans. Have a look, below below.

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