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This Rainbow, Toy-Lined Bedroom is an Adorable Nightmare

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Thanks to tufts of fake fur, a small stuffed animal army, plastic jewelry, dollhouse furniture, and a whole lot of other aggressively adorable junk, Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda's bedroom installation in NYC falls somewhere in between dizzyingly sweet and completely eerie. Appropriately called Colorful Rebellion — Seventh Nightmare the single room space is meant to explore both the aesthetically pleasing world of outrageous, Harajuku street fashion—Masuda himself owns a wildly popular clothing boutique—as well as what he refers to as "the complexity, darkness and obsessions," the cheery garb can mask.

Indeed, the rainbow-hued, toy-covered walls are an interpretation of Masuda's own seven deadly sins, which he defines as desire, future, illusion, destiny, trauma, reality, and self-identification. "One must understand that in Japan, therapy and psychological outlets are not as acceptable as they are in the United States," explains the artist. "Harajuku is not only a place where [teenagers] can be different without consequence, it is also a place that provides fashion alternatives for girls to express dark emotions in flamboyant, alternative styles."

Beyond its intended message, the space also proves, once again, that any relatively normal decor theme taken to the all the way extreme—whether that be decorative crystals, crocheted decor, or even a bright accent wall—ends up looking pretty darn creepy. My Modern Met has more photos and lessons in decorating moderation, this way.

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