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Disco Lives On at this Odd Glammed-Out Victorian

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For a bit of Saturday Night Fever by way of South Yorkshire, look no further than this circa 1876 Victorian, which owes a greater share of its aesthetic to the more recent '70s, despite the stately facade. The listing takes great care to highlight the remnants of the 1870s, trumpeting the ornateness of this ceiling, that ceiling, each and every coving, but leaving out the Barbie Dreamhouse living room with the ceiling mirror is a pretty glaring omission, decor-wise. Really, why mention the "feature fire place" as the "focal point" of the sitting room without talking about how the entire thing is on fire with floral prints in eye-aching oranges and reds? Or leave the raunchy golden mirror-covered bathroom out of the picture entirely? This seven-bedroom's more traditional features include a coach house, as well as "a number of outbuildings with generous rear gardens," all for grand total of £1.1M ($1.84M). Tour this thoroughly confused pad below:

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