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Jenga-Like Hotel is the Nuttiest Container Architecture Yet

Boldly taking the art of shipping container architecture to brave new heights, the proposed Hive-Inn by Hong-Kong-based design firm OVA studio hopes to build a towering hotel of cargo units that can be pulled out and relocated as needed—much like the world's largest and, uh, hopefully most successful game of Jenga. According to the renderings, a sturdy, free-standing structure will form a grid for each container to "park" in, so that the various units won't be effected when those beneath them are airlifted away to be used for such causes as emergency housing or medical care.

Besides its environmentally friendly design and infinite adaptability—extra rooms can literally be dropped onto the roof should there be an unmet demand—the futuristic hotel could also earn a quick buck by advertising various companies on the exterior of the units, which jut out from the center tower, making for some serious brand exposure. Take a closer look at the renderings, this way.

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