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Happy Birthday, Cape Cod Beer! Liquor License for Isola

HYANNIS - Happy 10th Birthday, Cape Cod Beer! In celebration, the recently expanded Cape brewery has released a Ten Year Pale Ale and plan to host a shindig "when the weather is a bit more accommodating." You know, since they'll be 10 all year. Meanwhile, a welcome sign of summer is also being released this week, the seasonal Hefeweizen. Oh, and 136,150 cans have arrived and will be ready to pop next week. [Cape Cod Beer]

EDGARTOWN - Foodies, rejoice: "Edgartown selectmen have approved a liquor license transfer for Isola, the new restaurant that will occupy the space that formerly housed Lattanzi's." The new Italian eatery is set to open "soon after May 31." [Vineyard Gazette]