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Host a Soggy Dinner Party in This 'Underwater' Dining Room

Apparently intent on incorporating all the weirdness restaurants have to offer into the home cooking experience, the so-called Monsoon Retreat estate in Khandala, India has what might be one of the oddest—or at least the most buoyant—dining room situations ever. Designed by Mumbai-based Abraham John Architects, the small island seating space connects to the rest of the villa on one end, and floats in the surrounding pool on all other sides, bobbing like a dock. A glass ceiling gives the illusion, from above, that the entire dining room is submerged, thus creating what the architect calls "a truly authentic experience of living within the landscape."

Of course, this blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor space is just as much a factor in the rest of the home, which makes use of massive sky lights, floor-to-ceiling windows in place of walls, and even translucent floors—which look either cool or terrifying, depending on one's uneasiness about toppling through a ceiling. The massive pool also lines much of the living room area, further extending the rather island-like feel. Architizer has more photos of the playful vacation home, this way.

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