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This Parisian Apartment Looks Too Perfect to be Real

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Glittering like a real estate mirage, this insanely chic apartment in Paris, France was designed in collaboration between Israel-based Ando Studio and what must be one very fashionable client. Done up in an almost entirely monochrome palette—yet somehow dodging that austere look color-free homes tend to take on—the so-called Saint Germain Apartment pairs its classic moldings and marble floors with an eclectic mix of framed photography, gold accent pieces—including some cool, hanging light fixtures—and modern, neutral-hued furniture. While every room is pretty darn spectacular, the ridiculously lovely, high-ceilinged bathroom, with its sculptural chandelier and vibrant tiled floors, might just be the chicest of them all. By all means, get an eyeful of the photos below, then head over to Home Adore for the full gallery.

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