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Explore Philly's 'Most Hated House,' Now Asking $4.4M

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Few homes have provoked as strong a reaction from the Curbed Philly readership as the Latimore House, which has been compared to "a rec center or a suburban DMV," a SAAB dealership ("Nobody wants one of those either"), and "that horrible man with tons of jewelry, orange tan, heavy cologne, yelling into his cell phone." One commenter described it somewhat succinctly as "a modern, open-plan, exposed-steel-beam, granite-clad, thumbing-its-nose-as its-neighbors, hipper-than-thou, pretentious-as-sin barn." So it's probably safe to say that the three-bedroom contemporary, recently listed for $4.4M after a short stint on the market asking $6.2M back in 2012, has gathered a bit of a reputation with the neighbors. Its previous ask made it temporarily the most expensive home in the city, which in turn earned it the decidedly worse superlative of 2012's "Most Hated Philly Home of the Year." While the next owner would do well to alter the preposterous, jagged, bunker-like circa 1993 exterior, there is a large interior courtyard and a rooftop deck to take advantage of. And according to his own comment on Curbed Philly, the architect and owner of this "urban villa," David S. Slovic, believes that something good has come from the notoriety: "It means that architecture is not yet dead even if I did not built a breackfast [sic] nook."

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