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Buff & Hensman's 1959 Halverson Residence Asks $1.795M

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L.A.'s much-balconied 1959 Halverson Residence #1 has resurfaced on the market, just eight months after purportedly selling. Public records indicate that the Buff & Hensman-designed "architectural gem," or so the brokerbabble dubs it, sold last August for $1.795M, the exact same amount the four-bedroom is listed for now. Halverson Residence has blipped on and off the market since 2006, when it was bought for $1.295M, then, over the next two years, gutted, refurbished, and spat back out onto the market for $2.395M. (If commenter reports are true, the owner had not intended to flip the property, but rather regretted isolating himself in Hollywood Hills.) Since then, according to the property history, the house has changed hands twice, in 2007 and 2013, though the fact that it's already listed again for the exact same price it allegedly sold for last summer may indicate that one or both of the reported sales didn't ultimately close. In any case, the listing offers "three stories of Post-and-Beam Perfection totaling 2,816 square feet," with recycled glass terrazzo floors, cork flooring, a suspended fireplace, and 786 square feet of decking across three floors—one of which has a jacuzzi.

· 3584 Multiview Dr [Redfin via Redfin Blog]
· 3584 Multiview Dr [Official Site]