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Midcentury 'Urban Tree House' in Cali Wants $1.225M

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While this bohemian, midcentury modern listing might lack the qualifications needed to actually count as the bona fide "urban tree house" the brokerbabble insists it is—really it's more surrounded by trees than hoisted up inside of one—there's no denying that the 2,196-square-foot abode is one of the grooviest homes to pop up on the market of late. Currently asking $1.225M, the three-bedroom, 1963 home is characterized by a dramatic, sloping roof, which makes for some interesting, angular interior spaces, and slightly hippie-esque decor. Dark wood floors and rough-hewn, built-in cabinetry keeps the home feeling charmingly rustic, despite the obvious updates made to the now state-of-the-art kitchen and newly renovated bathrooms. Outside, tree-lined observation decks that've "been magically transformed with entertaining under the stars in mind," offer some excellent views of the city below. Take a peek:

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