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Inside Karim Rashid's Magical, Hot Pink 'Sparkle Krib'

Give designer Karim Rashid pretty much anything—a condo tower, a food court, a record album, a Twitter account—and he'll be sure to make it fruit-punch colored and amorphous, the princess castle of your dreams set in the year 2514. Give Rashid an unlimited amount of acrylic stone, a material called HI-MACS that Architizer describes as "an architect's Play-Doh," and he'll churn out a Sparkle Collection full of colors like Kandy Pink, Kanada Violet, and Kold Silver. He'll then design an angle-less bachelor pad—sorry, "Sparkle Krib"—where, in the words of the ever-enlightening designer, an "amorphous solid-surface landscape" builds "a world with no boundaries." For Milan's annual Salone del Mobile—the "global benchmark for the Home Furnishing Sector," don't you know—Rashid built liquidy monuments for beds, sofas, coffee tables, and sinks—each one as undulating and, um, kandy-kolored as the last.

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