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Eight-Foot King Neptune Guards This 'Castle-Like Chateau'

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If it's true that there's nothing more American, architecturally speaking, than a complete disregard for context, then it could be said that this four-bedroom "castle-like chateau' in California is just doing its patriotic duty by being a supersized McMansion with a side order of crazy. Out front, an eight-foot-tall statue of Neptune stands "guarding the harbor" of Trinidad Island, a man-made hunk of land rising out of the water off Huntington Beach, and the dueling medieval and aquatic themes continue throughout its over 6,700 square feet of freewheeling tastelessness, from the suit of armor in the "magnificent great room" to the mermaid sculpture in the carved-marble master bath. How the living room remains "elegant" with an " electric mirrored wet bar" is anyone's guess. All that's even remotely chateau-like about the interior are the French doors in the "Breakfast Room," but hey, the "Euro Cave wine cabinet" in the game room was made in France, which is something. An asking price of $5.5M also comes with a 200-gallon aquarium, a "dumb-waiter in the spacious pantry," many an inset or mirrored ceiling, and a "charming library" with "a secret panel leading to the dramatic stone-walled wine tasting room." Check it out below: · 3295 Venture Drive [Zillow]