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And Now, Portraits of Starchitects Made From Their Buildings

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Images via Arch Daily

If Italian architect Federico Babina hasn't already been presented with the keys to "like" city by the mayor of architecture memes—metaphorically speaking, of course—then someone in the administration needs to make that happen pronto. Each month the non-stop graphic machine churns out another series of design-related creations, and he shows no signs of stopping. First, there was Babina's series of 8-bit portraits of famous architects, soon followed by a few poster-based tours of iconic buildings from film, as well as an alphabetical who's who of influential designers and an exploration of how visual artists might fare as architects. This time, the Photoshop savant has rolled out collection called Archiportrait, which renders portraits of iconic architects with pieces of their buildings. Ready for a game of "I-beam or mustache"?

A character in a Camus novel once said that "after a certain age, every man has the face he deserves," which is funny when applied to a designer's ouevre. (Tellingly or not, Frank Gehry is nigh unrecognizable.) Babina describes his most recent project as aiming "to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the protagonist through his aesthetic." How do your favorites fare once they've had their designs thrust upon their persons? Find out in the gallery above, or head over to Arch Daily for a look at the full series.

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