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1959 Mies Van Der Rohe Townhouse Wants Just $150K

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Today in news of affordable Detroit real estate: a positively adorable townhouse designed by famous modernist and one-time director of the Bauhaus Ludwig Mies van der Rohe asks $149,900. What's on offer? Well, besides formidable bragging rights, there's 1,400 square feet spread over three bedrooms, plus funky, striated cork flooring throughout, geothermal heating and cooling, and walls of exterior-reflective glass. Of course, this being a co-op, there's a monthly "association fee" of $837, an add-on that seems to be ruffling everybody's feathers over at Curbed Detroit. Still, its pedigree and interiors are almost enough to make one pack up a U-Haul and move to the Detroit. Almost.

UPDATE: It's in contract.

· 1361 Nicolet, Detroit, Mich. [Movoto]
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