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Come Take a Video Tour of L.A.'s $102M Fleur de Lys

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Now that L.A.'s mega estate Fleur de Lys has, after seven years asking a record-setting $125M, found a buyer (and one willing to shell out $102M in cash, no less) the broadcast celebri-journalists at Extra have dug up and published their own video tour of the Versailles-inspired palace. Highlights: a glimpse into the world's most consistently champagne-colored, frou-frouiest screening room, a giant reception space outfitted with a single tufted sectional, a two-story library, and a cavernous (as in "cavern-like," not simply "large") dining area "for you and 40 of your closest friends."

To recap: Fleur de Lys broke records when it hit the market in 2007 for $125M and, despite years of floundering, stuck stubbornly to its ask until this week, when it finally sold for $102M, a record for Los Angeles County. The 100-room mansion (plus all the antique furniture inside) apparently sold amid a bidding war that engaged three billionaires. Info about the owner is shaky, though the L.A. Times initially reported it was snatched up by "junk bond king" Michael Millken.

Anyway, onto the video. The good stuff starts at 1:30:

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