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Two Palm Beach Stunners Duke it Out in the Deathcage

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Imagine you're looking to purchase yourself a massive Palm Beach Regency mansion, and you've limited yourself to a measly $12.3M. You've narrowed it down to two: one an 11,519-square-foot collonaded beaut designed by Clarence Mack, one of the main architects behind Palm Beach's midcentury version of neoclassicism, the other a six-bedroom hunk of primo lakefront chateaux that used to be Mack's own home. How do you choose? The answer is simple: you shove them into a metaphorical cage and let them battle it out until one emerges victorious. Yep, that's right: it's time for a Real Estate Deathmatch.

Left: Designed by Clarence Mack; right: Mack's former lake house

Two houses, both alike in their connection to godfather of Palm Beach Regency design Clarence Mack, in fair Palm Beach where we lay our scene, a central locale for stunningly opulent real estate if ever there was one. The first was designed by Mack, and abounds with super-plush offerings, like two "mega" master suites, some high-tech gadgetry, a fancy dining pavilion, and a hot tub with a table in the middle of it, because the five second rule still applies. The second was where Mack himself once called home—the man was clearly lucky enough to live like his clients—with 118 feet of lake frontage, an infinity pool, some picturesque gardens, and a nice sunshiney coat of yellow paint. There's a lot here to mull over, but before going on an in-depth photo tour of yet another pair of dueling houses, here's a side-by-side stats comparison:

And on to the photos:

↑ For starters, the Mack-designed offering does have the architect's direct imprint, which is a different kind of name-dropping right than with a place where he simply hung his hat, although the two are similar enough—large, though not overlarge by Palm Beach standards, columned, vaguely neoclassical—to render the distinction as moot as the negligible price difference. This one's a bit bigger though, giving a bit more bang for your back in terms of square footage; all the better for enjoying the "symbiosis of historic grandeur and modern design" you just dropped $11.45M on.

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