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Sleek, Eco Alpine Hut Could Save Your Life in the Backcountry

Next time you're in a snow (or lightning!) storm on the mountain dreaming of dry shelter, wish for the Huba Mountain hut by industrial designers Malgorzata Blacknicka and Michal Holcer. This life-saving sanctuary combines eco-features with what the designers call "alpine-chic" architecture. In layman's speak, that means no right angles, recycled plastics, and fragments of wind-fallen trees. Energy produced by the structure's generator is stored within a battery and is used to supply the building's heating, lighting, and water pump. Roof tiles allow for easy rainwater collection and the designers also included a vertical wind turbine. Don't expect Aspen luxury inside, but we think the hanging wall beds, washbasin, and built-in water heater would be a sight for sore eyes during a storm. Although only in the design stages at this point, the structure is compact and light enough to be air lifted anywhere. What do you think, Curbediverse? Where should the Huba shelter be airlifted first?

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