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This 'Aviator's Villa' Takes Reclamation to Wacky New Heights

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Most often, when a home is built from salvaged plane parts—from wings, to engines, to entire cabins; as one enthusiast once put it, "like the Native Americans use every part of the bufallo"—that's the oddest and most noticeable thing about it. Not so with Aviator's Villa, a home for a retired pilot envisioned by Urban Office Architecture. The firm set out to incorporate aviation components into this proposed residential design and ended up with something that doesn't look a bit like it came from the disused parts of an old aircraft.

According to Design Boom, the glazed panes mounted all over the home in Libeskind-like triangles are and covered in perforated metal screens are meant to "replicate the texture of clouds." And hey, the cantilevered master bedroom on top certainly looks vertigo-inducing, which is something akin to flight. Maybe, in the end, the metaphorical connections are in the eye of the beholder. Tour the rest of this imaginative, extended head-scratcher below and see what springs to mind:

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