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Set Up This Tiny Prefab 'Glamper' in Five Hours Flat

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For some time now, the design sphere has had the hots for prefabricated housing, and its promise of mass-produced, easy-to-assemble designs that can be applied to affordable housing developments, artsy party barges, even diminutive, frills-free tree houses. Boasting as it does a five-hour setup requiring minimal tools, the ViVood is cozy and minimal enough to compete with the best prefab micro homes around, but its creators, a group of Spanish architects led by Daniel Mayo Pardo, have set their sights on oh-so-trendy world of glamping—that's glamorous camping, for the uninitiated—whose decadent offerings have included $9K tents from Anthropologie and many a darling vintage converted Airstream. Can this ickle popup home withstand the weight of such a loaded buzzword?

Perhaps the concept of glamping is still amorphous enough to apply to anything nicer than a canvas pup tent. Certainly one could glamp in a ViVood, as long as one had the means of transporting the home—which comes in models ranging from 130 to 345 square feet, according to the team's website—to a suitable glampsite. With solar panels installed on the exterior, and a number of passive and active design strategies calibrated to reduce its carbon footprint, at least one could glamp with a relatively clean conscience. Which would probably be harder to do in a $1,100-a-night circus-sized tent equipped with a king-sized bed, air conditioning, WiFi, and a spa.

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