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Pen the Next Great Sci-Fi Series in This Futuristic Writer's Hut

There are plenty of perfectly sweet, walden-esque writerly abodes out there, but for authors seeking inspiration for the next blockbuster sci-fi series, there's really no better choice than the proposed House of Writing by Phoenix, Ariz.-based Blank Studio Architects. Designed as a new branch of the Maison de l'Ecriture—a writer's residence located in Montrichier, Switzerland—the space-age hut is meant to be suspended from an existing wavy, concrete canopy and bolstered by surrounding poles.

The exterior is made up mainly of opaque glass walls—which filter just a bit of natural light in—a few windows, and two cut-out sections covered in perforated steel paneling on either end. Inside the two-story structure offers a kitchen, dining area, and restroom on the first floor, and a quiet office on the second—all lined in darkened birch and oak wood. In order to actually climb up into the retreat, would-be interrupters would have to locate a discrete little set of stairs, ensuring the minimum in distraction for inspired writers. Design Boom has a full gallery, right this way.

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