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Drop $500K on a Blissful Swedish Attic Conversion

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Revamped garret maisonettes don't get much more picture perfect than this studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, a magical city where some homes run entirely on sun and friendship. Intersected by a few black-painted roof beams, this attic space in a circa 1914 building was recently converted into a studio split into three sections; a small kitchen with a surprisingly large U-shaped expanse of thick laminate counter, a combined living and dining room with a wood-burning stove in one corner, and above the dining area, a sleeping loft with transparent panels in the floor and a set of skylights overhead. The listing boasts that the dining area could "effortlessly" seat six to eight, which might be a bit of a stretch, but at about 630 square feet, the apartment is fairly roomy, even taking the slanted walls and ceilings into account. At 3,300,000kr ($500K), the place also comes with one slightly precarious-looking high-design spiral staircase. Give it a look below:

· Official Site [Stadshem]