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See-Through Park City Pool Let's You Swim In the Trees

Although there's still plenty of skiing to be had, April has us dreaming of pools and patios. Lap swimmers will love this see-through Park City pool designed by the architecture firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. The 13,000 square foot home's wood siding, concrete walls, stone, and lots of glass would stand out on its own, but the pool is the star. As an avid swimmer, the owner wanted a 25-meter lap pool and what she got was a jaw-dropingly beautiful water sanctuary. Stainless-steel ceiling panels and full-length glass walls stretch into the forest, ending only when the structure meets a meandering creek below. Part reflection pool and part nature retreat, this water oasis has got to be one of the best indoor pools we've ever seen. What's your take, Curbediverse?

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