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11 Slick, Fascinating Examples of Houses Within Houses

First, a handful of minimalist Japanese architects began by fitting sleek interior cubbies into otherwise spare, open spaces. Next, a few a hipsters in Brooklyn built little cabins and treehouses inside their industrial lofts. Now, the whimsical "house-within-a-house" trend seems to be popping up in hip family homes, artist apartments, and offices alike, lurking like adorable playhouses for grown-ups. Whether the phenomenon is simply riding the coattails of the massively popular microhome—perfect for people who want all the cuteness of a tiny dwelling, without the cramped quarters—or speaking to just about everyone's latent desire for a treehouse of their own, the fact remains that these trendy dwellings are officially on their way to a global takeover. Explore 11 international homes that have already hopped aboard the fad, below:

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