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Myron Goldfinger's 'Temple in the Dunes' Wants $32.5M

Architect Myron Goldfinger is always a good bet for contemporary Hamptons homes that eschew the glassy and cottage-y looks that so dominate the area without appearing out of place. Though his designs have been described as "chilly" and snubbed on reality television for their incorporation of elevators, this sprawling five-bedroom suffers from neither potential pitfall, but it does have a rather astronomical ask of $32.5M, which in Curbed Hamptons' opinion is a tad high for the area. (Maybe the owners were emboldened by the recent cameo of a Goldfinger-designed home in The Wolf of Wall Street.) In any case, this 8,000-square-foot "sculptural presence in space" known as Temple in the Dunes was conceived, according to listing, "as a place to worship the sun," presumably in the modern, tanning-heavy fashion, and not as an Aztec might have. For the former, the compound has a "glass walled interior swimming pool" in addition to the heated outdoor pool, and beyond them, of course, the beach. Built in 1984, it looks to have been given an interior overhaul at least once since then, but its all white, wood-panelled, and beige-tiled insides still have their fair share of quirky circular forms.

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