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World's Most Ovular Treehouse Invites Alone Time on a Pond

Built by German design firm Baumraum—no strangers to the world of avant-garde arboreal architecture—this 398-square-foot treehouse in the forests of Uslar, Germany is just about as secluded as they come. Surrounded on all sides by natural stone walls and hoisted above its own personal man-made lake, the two-story hut—meant to serve as one very elaborate playhouse for the clients' young son—is accessible by a long porch that wraps around the parameter of the structure and connects to a hemlock tree on shore.

Inside the electricity-equipped structure, both levels are fitted with sleeping bunks and lounge space. "During the day, the treehouse serves as a vantage point for observing the creatures in the water and the adjoining meadows," says the architect. "At night, the upper room is a comfortable place to sleep and dream and, when the skies are clear, to gaze at the stars through the domed skylight." Take a closer look, this way.

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