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Former Tenement Comes Back to Life as a '60s-Inspired Pad

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Located in an old tenement building, this charmingly eccentric little home in Warsaw, Poland recently received a cheerful makeover at the hands of Polish firm Widawscy Studio Architektury. Due to its petite size and rather narrow build, the design team, in collaboration with the owner, worked to redo the space with an emphasis on both 1960s decor and "Scandinavian minimalism." All the original wood floors in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room, for example, got a bright white paint job—a "classic of Scandinavian style"—in order to both connect the rooms and make the slightly cramped space appear larger.

Marimekko's famed Unikko print on the kitchen ceiling brings some retro color to the space, as does the matching sunshine yellow living room. The bedroom offers an equally vibrant red ceiling, as well as a sleek, low-slung bed and a Relaxation Machine lounge chair by Le Corbusier. The only room devoid of color, in fact, is the slightly eerie black bathroom, which comes with a few creepy hand sculptures sprouting from the walls. Take a look at the full gallery, right this way.

· M44 Apartment by Widawscy Studio Architektury [Contemporist]