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Live The High Life in CO Ski Towns: Rent Pot Friendly Lodging

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Colorado ski towns may have plenty of dispensaries to buy legal marijuana these days (Telluride we're looking at you), but that doesn't mean you can toke up just anywhere. While hotels have been slow to embrace the ganja, there are a plethora of cannabis-friendly independent rentals on Airbnb or VRBO. Our prediction? Pot tourism is about to hit overdrive, with tour companies and even a new website called AirTHC (cute name, right?!) that although in its infancy, aims to be the Airbnb of pot. In the meantime, we've rounded-up the best 420 friendly vacation rentals from Aspen to Steamboat Springs. And don't expect dingy, dorm-style accommodations, some of the digs are pretty fancy.

Breckenridge: When smoke shacks aren't being blown up, Breckenridge is quite the pot haven and this 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath home will fit all your cannabis-inclined friends. Starting at $420 a night (ha, get it?) and for around $3200 per week, the simple and clean-looking home sleeps 14 people and comes with a few amenities like a steam sauna and fireplace. Check out the listing.

Steamboat Springs: This 2 bedroom, 2 bath Airbnb condo going for around $195 per night is super excited to welcome cannabis tourists. Per the listing: "PRIVILEGED to be among the first to Recreate with Cannabis after a day of Champagne Powder Skiing. You will be provided will [sic] every detail needed including discounts for legally purchasing and consuming WEED. I have relations with the dispensaries, Legacy Vacation Club, and all the rules so ENJOY!!!" Join in on all the pot excitement, this way.

Telluride: It takes a bit of digging to find out that this reasonably priced ($169 per night), 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom condo in downtown Telluride is cool with marijuana (under suitability the listing says it's 420 friendly but doesn't allow cigarette or cigar smoke). Its great location and large windows make up for the tiny bedrooms. Check out the VRBO listing, here.

Aspen: Although this Airbnb listing is only for two bedrooms in a larger, 2-story villa, it's priced right at $200 per night and has some serious penthouse pizazz. It also doesn't mind if you enjoy some of Colorado's famous marijuana. Per the listing: "Cannabis Friendly Lodging - "It's Legal!" 21 years of age and over. Only for those that are interested, if your are not interested it will not be around. Your wishes are respected." More details here.

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