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Motorola's New HQ Could Not Be Pinker or Sparklier

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Created by the Global Gensler firm—with maybe a few design pointers taken from some very girly middle schools—the extremely pretty new Motorola HQ is a vision of bright pink, sparkling neon signs, and quirky, interactive hangout spaces. Built to house 2,000 of the telecommunication company's employees, the 600,000-square-foot office occupies the top four floors of a massive commercial building in Chicago, Ill., complete with a 50,000-square-foot rooftop space. Like all cool, high-design offices, the space offers plenty of mini-kitchens and lounging areas—as well as a game room complete with arcade machines and tons of snacks. This particular workplace, however, also makes room for a neon-orange lounge affixed with rainbow LED lights, life-sized Motorola phones, and a slightly alarming, sound-proofed closet used for...maybe very private phone calls? Really, the place needs to be seen to be believed, so take a look below, and then head over to Curbed Chicago for the full tour:

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