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Eco-Friendly Prefab House Fits Together Like a 3D Puzzle

In It's Not Easy Being Green, Curbed pulls back the curtain on cutting-edge, environmentally friendly design, from urban passive houses to green tweaks on suburban living. Have a suggestion for an upcoming column? Pass it along.

Despite the fact that this angular, gray structure looks more like some sort of visiting space pod than a regular old family home, the Just K house in Tübingen, Germany, does, in fact, comfortably house a couple with four kids—all the while generating all of its own energy for heat, hot water, and electricity. Designed by German design practice AMUNT, the 1,500-square-foot dwelling is one of very few, highly energy efficient building projects awarded a "Passive Home" title, thanks to its lack of energy consumption, solar-panel siding and sustainable materials. The entire place is actually built from 136 prefabricated pieces, which fit into place with probably only slightly more effort than the average IKEA end table.

Inside, the walls, floors, and lofted bedrooms are a uniform light wood, meant to "achieve the maximum in spatial qualities with the minimum use of materials," according to the head architect. Take a look at the full gallery, right this way.

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