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Catherine Deneuve Lists Resplendent French Chateau for $5.5M

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For the past few decades, when Catherine Deneuve wasn't hanging out with princes and spending time at her L.A. mansion (which, fun fact, later housed multiple ABBA members and a hippie cult), the French actress and style icon often hung her hat at an appropriately stylish estate in the Parisian countryside known as Chateau de Primard. But though Deneuve made a name for herself playing modern, mysterious belle femmes for directors like Luis Buñuel and Roman Polanski, often wearing clothes by designer Yves Saint Laurent, who considered her a muse, her eight-bedroom, nearly 13,000-square-foot country home has a decidedly more powdered, Patrician feel to it. Currently listed for €3.99M ($5.5M), chez Deneuve has most everything one could want in an eighteenth century French chateau: a "lounge boudoir," a 530-square-foot kitchen, two 700-square-foot master bedrooms, an even larger "sauna suite," a caretaker's quarters, and a pool-equipped garden landscaped by Jacques Wirtz, who also sculpted the hedges of the Elysee Palace, the official residence of the French president.

There's a few curve balls thrown in as well, like a converted attic cinema and a sculpture of the Simpsons sitting on their red couch located by the pool in the listing photos, the most recent of which don't include any interior shots. The Sotheby's listing promises the place has been "fully renovated," which ideally is something that's happened since the only available interior photos were taken. Let's just say they're not exactly style icon caliber.

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