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100-Square-Foot Cabin is a Kaleidoscopic Wonderland

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Plucked from New York magazine's annual Spring Design issue, which published this week, this technicolor dream of a microhome right outside Santa Fe, N.M. serves as a wee "reverse country house" for Linda and Jack Oldham, the stylish parents of NYC-based interior designer Todd Oldham. The Oldhams, who also own an even more rural ranch in Abiquiu, N.M., wired the 100-square-foot cottage with electricity, but no plumbing—which means their stays are usually pretty short. "We'll hang out there, eat lunch, [and] maybe take a little nap on the couch," explains Linda. "The dogs love it."

Simple as it is, the cabin's got a façade fancy enough to rival even the wildest of micro homes. Made almost entirely from two-by-fours and old stained-glass windows, the structure also incorporates odd bits of pottery and "old Bambi-shaped Christmas decorations" from the property's surrounding five acres. Check out the full photogallery over on New York.

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