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Buy Prince's Fittingly Flamboyant Spanish Villa for $7.75M

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Ever since one of Prince's landlords filed suit claiming he had violated the terms of his lease by installing monogrammed purple carpeting and painting the house with purple stripes, it's been a bit of a letdown to hear that the high priest of pop even entertains the thought of decorating with any color aside from his signature purple paisley. Like when he requested that his entire room at London's Dorchester Hotel be done up in all black. Seriously, what gives? Better to stick with what you know. In that vein, a simple request for the next owner of the six-bedroom mansion in Marbella, Spain that Prince recently listed for $7.75M: paint it purple. The entire thing. All of this "completely renovated stunning Villa," from the "enormous colonial style double staircase" to the "grand, chandeliered entrance hall," to the "tennis court, outdoor heated pool and extensive terraces." (Here's a good point of reference.) Do it for "flamboyant music legend Prince," who, according to the listing, acquired the place as a gift for his then-wife Mayte Garcia in 1998, later to use it as "the inspiring scenario for many of his beautiful songs."

The couple's intertwined monograms appear throughout the villa, and there's a portrait of them in the main hall, but on tragic note, word has it that Prince hasn't set foot in it since their marriage fell apart in the late '90s. (Garcia has apparently used it occasionally on the weekends since then.) Which could possibly explain the lack of a fittingly Prince-like color scheme. Still, the abundance of marble and the sheer opulence are worthy of the man.

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