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Confused Montana Home Would Fit Better in Los Angeles

Whitefish, Montana might be hundreds of miles away from the ocean but this 4 bedroom/4 bath contemporary brings some beachfront modernism to the Montana real estate scene. Located about 20 minutes from skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort, the home's white, geometric architecture seems at odds with the surrounding forest (and snow on the ground!) but at least 1,000 deer and bears didn't die to furnish the home's decor. At 3,541 square feet and sitting on 33 acres, the $2,890,000 property has a hint of western flair with a large garage and posh equestrian facilities. But that's where the rustic influence ends. Inside, the home is full of frosty, post-modern glass, concrete flooring, and oblong, glowing light fixtures. The art looks like it would be more at home in Los Angeles than Whitefish, and we can only hope that the pieces hanging up outside were staged for a dinner event and aren't permanent. While we like the rooftop deck and outdoor fireplace, the whole thing just looks a bit off for Montana. We're all for innovative mountain architecture, but is this taking it too far, Curbediverse?

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