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Austin Modern With Replica Cadillac Showroom Asks $1.6M

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Location: Austin, Texas
Price: $1,599,000
The Skinny: This thoroughly modern Austin home is hiding a decidedly retrograde feature behind its floor-to-ceiling windows, beneath the impeccably furnished living quarters, and way down in the garage: a full-size replica of a Cadillac dealership, circa 1955 or so. The owner, obviously an avid collector of the finned gas-guzzlers of yesteryear, has transformed the sizable garage into a showroom for his prized Caddys, complete with a sign admonishing, "Always Use Genuine Cadillac Parts". This fascination with classic cars makes sense when you consider that the rest of the house looks like a Design Within Reach showroom, with each room bursting at the seams with classic Eames, Noguchi, Bertoia, and Le Corbusier (and so many more!) midcentury furniture designs, but that begs the question: If money is no object, why not pick up a vintage home from— just to name one local example—Fehr & Granger? Maybe the owner can plow the $1.599M asking price into a nice split-level ranch, for extra '50s verisimilitude.

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