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Jaw-Dropping Milan Apartment Looks Like an Oil Painting

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Spotted recently over at design blog Automatism: interiors photos of Tuscan-born decorator Emiliano Salci's Milan apartment, a color-smothered, vintage-bedecked dwelling originally shot for Architectural Digest France. Story goes that upon moving in, Salci went to work excavating the historic bones of the place, discovering original interior shutters, doors, and moldings and removing false ceilings and thick layers of paint. Then, of course, came the colors, so ripe and globbed each image looks like an oil painting. Of course, even in translated French AD France describes it perfectly: "The walls are dense and velvety colors. It was daring, but daylight floats between them and splashes it all."

Every detail here is drenched in color: the radiators and doorframe in the entryway are covered in a hot lime, the blue concrete floors in the bedroom are punched up with canary-yellow seating, and the walls in the living room are coated in navy. Despite it, the whole house rings with a very classic feel, potentially because of its decor: sparse, but with plenty of midcentury Italian furnishings, the most dazzling of which being the blown-glass chandelier in the entryway, made from Venini vases in the 1950s. The story's well-worth a read—and an ogle—so do have a look at it all over at AD.

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