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Rachel Maddow's Bathhouse Has a Chandelier and a Fireplace

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The creation of Rachel Maddow's garden hut started simply enough: the bathroom in the MSNBC host's pre-Civil War farmhouse in Western Massachusetts, her weekend abode, was, in her words "a vertical challenge"—to get there required a scaling the steps of a steep stair. She and her partner, artist Susan Mikula, wanted a true sanctuary, but were loathe to disrupt the footprint of the old house, which, as Maddow told New York Magazine's Wendy Goodman, is "symmetrical and historically preserved." She added: "The idea that we would stick something onto it as an addition felt like putting a hat on a horse." So they made an outhouse of sorts. Or, more accurately, a woods-enshrouded, pitched-roof bathhouse in the style of "an old tobacco-drying barn," wherein ­architect Nicole Migeon (who also worked on Maddow's NYC digs) made room for a bed, a hot tub built into the floor, and an entertainment center. "We don't have a TV in the main house," Maddow tells the magazine. "But I can seal myself in the bathhouse and watch football really loudly without bothering anybody. It's very satisfying."

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