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'World's Best California Property' Hitting the Auction Block

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In the hyperbolic realm of real estate hawking, some superlatives deserve superlatives of their own. The latest contender for "Most Inventive" comes by way of St. Helena, Calif., where the "World's Best California Property" is soon headed to auction. At least that's what London's venerable World's Best Magazine named this six-bedroom villa in 2006, according to the listing. And what earned the Villa de Montaña this regal designation? (Which, it's worth noting, carries more weight than a claim of "Best Property in California.") Why, "graceful dominance and understated sophistication," not to mention "grace and elegance only three quarters of a century can bestow" in the form of the "ultimate in wine country luxury." Previously offered at $22.5M, the 14,000-square-foot, half-octagon-shaped compound of Aspen luxury estate developer Richard Wax was built in 1941, and has since been "completely remodeled," all 32 rooms as well as the guest cottage and "servants quarters." Designed by architect Robert M. Carerra, it's also got a 13,000-bottle wine cellar, an "expansive 20×50-ft pool, finished in custom oak leaf tile pattern," and a "Louis XII-style marble fountain place in Verona marble," along with "20 manicured acres at your command." It heads to auction on May 22, so get to breaking those piggy banks.

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