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Photo Proof of Something Big Going Down on Highlands Bowl

All photos posted on Twitter by Dave Amirault (@ozskier) under #HighlandsJump

Vital Films, Level 1 Productions, and Aspen/Snowmass have teamed up to film a top-secret project on the top of Highlands Bowl and the photos popping up on Twitter are insane. Gorgeous sunrises, helicopters, a mountain-top slumber party, and a really large jump have all been logged under the hashtag #HighlandsJump. There's definitely some secrecy around the whole thing (an insider's tip hinted at a national ad campaign and a new ski film), but we do know that big-time freeskiers like Matt Walker, Alex Ferreira, Charlie Lasser, and Torin Yater-Wallace are doing something special up there. To keep up the stoke, we've collected some of the best photos and can't wait to see what these guys have in store.

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