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This Tame Colonial Hides Albert Hadley-Designed Insides

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The late American decorator Albert Hadley designed interiors for the Gettys, the Astors, the Gores, Jackie Kennedy, and Brooke Astor in his day, among other movers and shakers. He also counted as clients the mystery owners of this 1904 Westchester County Colonial, and though furniture isn't included in the current ask of $6.75M (down from an original $8.5M), the eye-popping wallpaper and floor patterning throughout should provide a good starting point for keeping this eight-bedroom modest on the outside, wild on the inside. "Never less, never more," Hadley was known to say of a successfully appointed room, and the same alternating lushness and restraint found in his NYC apartment is on display here, though with a more traditional edge. Aside from the imprimatur of a late decorating legend, this 8,200-square-foot behemoth boasts a "gracious entry hall" and a truly impressive veranda, as well as a backyard pool and a tennis court on 1.8 "idyllic" acres.

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