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Grab One of Frank Lloyd Wright's Only Row Houses For $685K

In an area as thick with Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes as Chicago, there's bound to be a few Prarie School B-sides, and the Roloson Houses might be the oddest of the bunch. Even dedicated Wrightophiles could be forgiven for not being aware of them; they were the only row houses that Wright designed in his lifetime, and he did so in 1892, while he was still working for Adler & Sullivan, before he had fully developed his personal style. By the 1930s, these four homes had largely been forgotten as part of Wright's oeuvre, until they were rediscovered in the '40s when his early works started getting more attention. So they might not be counted among the American master's masterworks, but for the kind of Wright fan with an appreciation for deep cuts, one can be had for just $685K.

Though the Roloson Houses were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, and attained Chicago Landmark status in 1979, as Curbed Chicago points out, this one's interiors look a bit too modern to be original. Which is understandable, given that they were basically gutted by a fire in 1981, with their remaining fixtures scavenged under the assumption that the building would be torn down. Still, details like the wood trim and the window patterning should ring a bell for those familiar with Wright's other homes. Check out the rest of this 4,500-square-foot four-bedroom below:

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