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Kid-Centric Restaurant Has a Tiny Disco and Dollhouse Lights

Designed to improve the taxing task of dining out with kids in tow, this quirky "restaurant-theater" in Vilnius, Lithuania, is outfitted only in decor meant to appeal to children. Called Kukumuku, the project was lead by the global Plazma Architecture Studio, who decided to go utterly calm and soothing with the interior decoration. Instead of decking out the open, 3,229-square-foot floorplan out in garish, over-the-top kiddie fare, for example—think eye-searing color palettes, cartoonish furniture, and a heaping dose of toilet humor—the "light, warm and positive atmosphere" instead placates rambunctious tikes with muted tones, climbable, kid-sized chairs and bean bags, glowing dollhouse-shaped light fixtures, and unobstructed play space.

Lest these tiny, demanding clients have all the fun, there's also a cupcake bar, a playhouse theater, and a miniature disco dance floor, all tempting enough to coax out Mom and Dad's inner-children, too. Check out the full gallery, this way.

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