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Come, Let's ID Famous Architects by Their Furniture Designs

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Today in London, 103 pieces of furniture designed by famous architects go up for auction at Phillips, which has an impressive collection of smaller-scale works designed by the greats: Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, Zaha Hadid, Marcel Breuer, and many others. While the auction's curator, architect Lee Mindel, tells the WSJ that the objects are in and of themselves "spectacular," each chair, rug, and cabinet is but one part of each master's much larger oeuvre of built works. For archi-geeks, there's something truly fascinating about seeing how Wright distilled his Prairie style into a desk chair or how Oscar Niemeyer's cantilevering plays out in table form. "It's about being educated about these architects, their intentions, who they were, how they thought, and contextualizing them in a kind of genealogy of the world," Mindel tells the Journal. Play along and take some guesses as to which big-name starchitects were responsible for the very, very pricey furniture shown below.

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